Welcome to the Leasing Department at Station Square.Are you thinking about opening your own business, but don’t know what to do?  Do you want to expand your business into Station Square and wonder what is available?  Read on to find out how you could be the next “Coming Soon” at Station Square.

Contact Information:

Specialty Leasing:
If you have a unique product or idea and would like to test it on a short-term basis, Station Square could be a good place to start your new enterprise. Even Fortune 500 companies have to start somewhere. Station Square can help you get your new business venture started through our Specialty Leasing Program. Leases can be established for periods from single days up to one year. Contact our Specialty Leasing Manager for more details.

Melissa Wyatt, Specialty Leasing Manager
412.261.2811 or 412.788.0816
650-873-2001 or 650-392-1560

Permanent Leasing
Station Square offers unique long-term leasing options for restaurants, shops and entertainment uses with spaces available throughout the property. If you are interested in leasing long-term space for a restaurant, shop or other use, please contact our leasing agent at Forest City Enterprises.

Alan Negrelli, Leasing Agent

Benefits of being an entrepreneur:

You may have clicked on this page because you are a risk taker, independent in your thinking and want to be in business for yourself.  Does that sound about right?  If you answered yes, you are an entrepreneur and Station Square is the place for you!  Short term leasing or “Specialty” Leasing is a great way to test market a product with less of a time commitment, lower overhead costs and operating on an RMU (cart) means instant visibility to the shopper because your business is situated in the open common area.   

“I’ve been a Bessemer Court cart and kiosk tenant for nine years, which is since the courtyard was opened.  Over the years, locals and tourists have come back each year and have supported my businesses because I am a familiar face.  It is a fun and vibrant environment that draws families which matches my target demographic.”

-          David Casimiri , Owner of Designer Inspired Sunglasses & New York Original

“Most tourists that come to Pittsburgh come to Station Square because it is one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations.  There are a lot of amenities offered in one location.  These type of visitors keep our business thriving.”

-          R.P. McMurphy, Owner of Segway In Paradise

List of opportunities:

Typically there is an array of Specialty Leasing opportunities available within a shopping center.  Here are some examples:

RETAIL MERCHANDISING UNITS (also known as RMU’s or carts) are the most flexible rental option available.  Choose from our large 6’ X 4’ RMU inside the Freight House Shops or our 4’ X 4’ RMU outside in Bessemer Court for selling your product or advertising your service or product.  The Freight House Shops RMU’s are available for a one month rental up to one year.  The Bessemer Court RMU’s are required to be rented for the spring/summer season of May 1st thru September 30th.

FLOATING RETAIL (also known as kiosks or tour buses) give you the ability to bring in your own merchandising unit to either sell your product or promote your service.  Different footprint sizes are available throughout the common area of the Freight House Shops, on Station Square Drive or in one of our parking lots.

TEMPORARY IN-LINE STORES are an option for rental when a permanent storefront would be vacant and become available for a short term.  This option gives you an opportunity to maximize your footprint, test your product and establish your business for later consideration of expanding into a permanent long term lease. (insert Storefront image)

Specialty Leasing Application:

Click here for an application packet or complete the form below.  For Pittsburgh demographic information, click here.

Local small business resources info

Specialty Leasing is a great opportunity for the entrepreneur. Below are some local resources that can assist you in getting started.